About the Association

The Dutch Welsh Corgi Association (DWCA) was established by notarial deed on April 17, 2018.

Dutch Welsh Corgi Association
The Dutch Welsh Corgi Association, also abbreviated to DWCA, is a Dutch Breed Association for the Welsh Corgi Cardigan and the Welsh Corgi Pembroke with an International character. This focus is important to keep up to date with all developments within the two breeds. This benefits the level of knowledge of the members, but certainly also the welfare and health of the breeds.

The Dutch Welsh Corgi Association aims to:

  •     the maintenance and improvement of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan variety and the Welsh Corgi Pembroke variety;
  •     the promotion of the health and well-being of the dogs belonging to these breeds;
  •     preventing and combating hereditary defects within these breeds;
  •     promoting the knowledge of breeders and lovers of Welsh Corgi’s;
  •     promoting contact between breeders and Welsh Corgi’s enthusiasts.

It is of the utmost importance that the breeders affiliated with the Dutch Welsh Corgi Association have thorough cynological knowledge so that they can discuss on a par with the developments in cynology in general and more specifically about developments within the breeds. The Dutch Welsh Corgi Association wants to increase this knowledge by organizing lectures, workshops and courses that are directly and / or indirectly related to breeding, genetics, behavior, welfare and health in general or the two breeds in particular.

Subscriber & Membership
Everyone can become a subscriber to the free newsletter of the Dutch Welsh Corgi Association, which contains information about both breeds, important news items, health articles and reports of important events.
As with the American breed clubs, only a new member can be nominated for the membership  by 3 members, after which the board decides on the final admission.