Results KCM “Christmas Corgi Specialty 2019”

Results December 23, 2019

Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Judge: Mr. Jan Ebels (NL)

Dog Puppy Class
1VP – A Man For All Seasons Grande Sogno

Dog Junior Class
1VG – Waggerland Zimzalabim
2VG – Elfborg imagine dragons

Dog Intermediate Class
1EXC – Waggerland Yolo

Dog Open Class
1EXC – Big-Wood’s Flash Sentry
2VG – Jake Of Dotty’s Desire
3VG – Waggerland Texas Two Step

Dog Champion Class
1EXC, CAC – Blondie’s Royal Casino
2EXC, RCAC – AM GCH CH Blu Skyy’s Ziggy Stardust, Cgc
3EXC – Hanlon’s Star Something About You
4EXC – Waggerland Robin Hood
EXC – Jimmy Jixx v.d. Milligenhof
EXC – Waggerland Under Arrest

Dog Breeders Class
1EXC – Waggerland not for sale
2VG – Waggerland Ximply Fabulous

Bitch Puppy Class
1VP. BPOB, BPIS – Dances With Wolfs Grande Sogno
2VP – Precious prada vd milligenhof

Bitch Junior Class
1EXC, RCAC, BJOB, BJIS – Waggerland zazoo
2EXC – Hanlon’s Star Spice Up Your Life
3EXC – Waggerland Zsa Zsa
4VG – Inspired By Princess Pippa
ABS – Fortune Dreams Grande Sogno

Bitch Intermediate Class
1VG – Courtly Black Lady Rose
2VG – Zonenvelt Pariszhkaya Shtuchka

Bitch Open Class
1EXC – Waggerland Virginia Creeper
2EXC – Big-Wood’s Hula Hula
3EXC – Ormai Olbia Dolce Vita
4EXC – Tropical Golden Queen Grande Sogno
VG – Waggerland Totally Awesome
VG – Waggerland Take Control
VG – Welshclan’s Payton Paige
VG – Zachardi Gemma
ABS – Carddicted return to sender

Bitch Champion Class
1EXC, CAC, BOB – Waggerland Unavailable
2EXC – Unique Surprise van de Gigantjes
3EXC – Honey Bee Kasmir Moravia
4EXC – Covventinea Pretty Paulina
VG – Hopeful Havana vd Milligenhof

Bitch Breeders Class
1EXC – Waggerland Kiss This
2EXC – Waggerland Just Jackie
3EXC – Magical White Night Grande Sogno
4EXC – Lilly lollypop vd milligenhof

Bitch Veteran Class
1EXC – Floatin’ Helen heilin
2EXC – Waggerland High Tea


Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Judge: Mr. Jan Ebels (NL)

Dog Junior Class
ABS – Paddy Flaherty Des Contamines

Dog Intermediate Class
1EXC, RCAC – Andvol Uno Momento

Dog Open Class
1EXC, CAC, BOB, BIS – Andvol Shubert
2EXC – SGF Windswept Rumbling Thunder
3EXC – Limbonsnest Rocky Mountain
4VG – Lintelo Benjamin

Dog Champion Class
1EXC – Andvol Tsesarivich
2EXC – Ch. Fortin’s Black and Gold Tiger
3EXC – Ch. Jeager Apple Jack
4EXC – Ermyn Sky of Stars

Dog Breeder Class
1EXC – Limbonsnest Davy Crockett

Bitch Minor Puppy Class
1VP, BJPOB, BJPIS – Daredevil’s Quest For Fame From Staken
2VP – Welsh-Angel’s Starlight Heaven
ABS – Pauline Bonarpate des Contamines

Bitch Puppy Class
1VP, BPOB – Limbonsnest A Tast of Honey

Bitch Junior Class
1EXC, BJOB – Limbonsnest Winter Powder
2EXC – Red lucky River

Bitch Intermediate Class
1EXC – Limbonsnest Sleeping Beauty
2EXC – Limbonsnest Blackbird
3VG – Limbonest Olivine

Bitch Open Class
1EXC, RCAC – Flowing Ready For My Comeback
2EXC – Covventinea Red Hot Chilli Pepper
3EXC – Daredevil’s Make Me Smile From Staken
4EXC – Daredevil’s Jellybean from Staken
VG – Floris Cor Zlata
VG – Limbonsnest Hot Springs
VG – Queen Victoria van de Brookhook

Bitch Champion Class
1EXC, CAC – Andvol Evrika
2EXC – Daredevil’s Move Like Jagger From Staken
3EXC – Limbonsnest Golden Nizza
4EXC – Ch. Fortin’s Country Girl

Bitch Breeders Class
1EXC – Limbonsnest Little Star in Heaven
2VG – Queen Angel

Bitch Veteran Class
1VG – Ch. LC Yale

We kindly ask the Best of Breed winners to send us their win pic to add to the show results.