Pinstershow Venray 2018

Results May 21th, 2018

Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Judge: Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher-Feijel (DE)

Dogs Junior Class
1VG – Sergeant Adams of Dotty’s Desire
2VG – Jake of Dotty’s Desire

Bitches Minor Puppy Class
1VP, BPOB – Amazing Lou Lou Grande Sogno

Bitches Junior Class
1EXC – Kumpwegood Baileys
2VG – Tropical Golden Queen Grande Sogno

Bitches Open Class
1EXC, CAC, CACIB, BOB – Welshclan’s Maggy May

Bitches Champion Class
1EXC, R.CAC, R.CACIB – Ch. Unique Surprise van de Gigantjes, NJK, NL

Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher-Feijel (DE)

Dogs Open Class
1EXC, R.CAC, R.CACIB – Fortin’s Black and Gold Tiger

Dogs Champion Class
1EXC, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 1BIG, 3BIS – Ch. Imagine I’m a Dream des Contamines, DE, INT
2EXC – Ch. Andrey O’r Tirroedd Isel, BWLU, BE, LU

Bitches Junior Class
1EXC, CAC – Limbonsnest Sweet Chestnut

Bitches Intermediate Class
1EXC, R.CACIB – Missy de Morny des Contamines

Bitches Open Class
1EXC, R.CAC, CACIB – Limbonsnest Golden Nizza
2EXC – Milly Bobby Brown des Contamines
3VG – Red Rose of Pennies From Heaven

We kindly ask the Best of Breed winners to send us their win pic to add to the show results.