Groningen 2018 – Martinidogshow Day 2

Results March 4th, 2018

Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Judge: Mr. Bill Shelton (US) Coventry

Dogs Junior Class
1EXC, R.CAC – Courtly Sable Lord Maxwell
2EXC – Waggerland Under Arrest, JW’17, BJW BE’17

Dogs Open Class
1EXC, R.CACIB – Corgi Na Volge Laifhack

Dogs Champion Class
1EXC, CAC, CACIB – IT/UK/NL/CIB Ch. Waggerland Not For Sale

Bitches Puppy Class
1VP, BPOB – Lilly Lollypop v.d. Milligenhof

Bitches Junior Class
1EXC, CAC – Waggerland Unavailable, JW’17, BJWB’17
2EXC, R.CAC – Kelly Keen v.d. Milligenhof
3EXC – Courtly Brindle Lady Oleda
4EXC – Courtly Brindle Lady Mari

Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Judge: Mr. Bill Shelton (US)

Dogs Junior Class
1EXC – Alwyn

Dogs Open Class
1EXC, R.CAC, R.CACIB – Haywire’s Trust In Me, NJK, BJK, BJWNL’16, BWNL’16
2EXC – Daredevil’s Hunting For Compliments From Staken
3EXC – Lintelo Benjamin
4EXC – Whitepoint Look And Look Again
EXC – In Our Yellow Submarine Yves

Dogs Champion Class
1EXC, CAC, CACIB – RU Ch. Andvol Mercury

Bitches Junior Class
1EXC, R.CAC – Daredevil’s Move Like Jagger From Staken
2EXC – Limbonsnest Sweet Chestnut
3EXC – Naomi Pem Bob
4EXC – Twinkel Bambi v.d. Golden Goodtimes
EXC – Daredevil’s Make Me Smile From Staken

Bitches Intermediate Class
1EXC, R.CACIB – Daredevil’s Jellybean From Staken

Bitches Open Class
1EXC – Llwynog A Charming Dream
2EXC – Limbonsnest Golden Nizza
3EXC – Limbonsnest Hotpants, NJK’16, BJSG’16, VDH-HJSG’16, JW’16, BJK’17, VDH-FJSG’17, VDH-EJSG’17

Bitches Champion Class
1EXC, CAC, CACIB, 1BIG, 2BIS – RU Ch. Andvol Klementina

Bitches Veteran Class
1EXC – Hillberry Bling Bling, NK

We kindly ask the Best of Breed winners to send us their win pic to add to the show results.