Eindhoven 2018

Results February 2nd, 2018

Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Judge: Mr. P.F. Berchtold (AU)

Dogs Puppy Class
1VP – Welshclan’s Owen Oakley

Dogs Junior Class
1EXC, RCAC – Waggerland Under Arrest

Dogs Intermediate Class
1EXC, CAC, CACIB, BOB – Jimmy Jixx v.d. Milligenhof
2EXC, RCACIB – Hope On Buffalo Bill
3VG – Jagger Jay v.d. Millingenhof

Bitches Puppy Class
1VP, BPOB – Kelly Keen v.d. Milligenhof
2VP – Ormai Olbia Dolce Vita

Bitches Junior Class
1EXC, RCAC – Tropical Golden Queen Grande Sogno
2EXC – Waggerland Unavailable, JW’17, BJWB’17

Bitches Intermediate Class
1EXC, RCACIB – Welshclan’s Maible Mairi

Bitches Open Class
1EXC, CAC, CACIB – Hopeful Havanna v.d. Milligenhof
2VG – Hanlon’s Star Someone Like You

Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Judge: Mr. P.F. Berchtold (AU)

Dogs Junior Class
1EXC – Andvol Shubert
2EXC – Limbonsnest Snowberry

Dogs Open Class
1EXC, RCAC, RCACIB – Atsel Hof Snow Krosh
2EXC – Yves In Our Yellow Submarine des Contamines
3EXC – Deverell O’R Tirroedd Isel
ABS – Andvol Kaliostro

Dogs Champion Class
1EXC, CAC, CACIB, BOB – Andvol Tsesarevich

Bitches Puppy Class
1VP, BPOB – Dourin’s Nova Pem
2VP – Ffancy Fach o’r Tirroedd Isel

Bitches Junior Class
1EXC – Limbonsnest Sweet Chestnut
2EXC – Abbygail of the Jolly Jumpers
3EXC – Pemslife Joint Strike Fighter
4VG – Neljoh’s Chicca

Bitches Intermediate Class
1EXC, CAC, CACIB – Anastasia vom Massenbachtal, NJK CW’17
2EXC – Bonsai Junoba’s House
3EXC – Dourin’s Kyra Pem

Bitches Open Class
1EXC, R. CAC, R.CACIB – Little Princess vom Moosacher
2EXC – Limbonsnest Hotpants, NJK’16, BJSG’16, VDH-HJSG’16, JW’16, BJK’17, VDH-FJSG’17, VDH-EJSG’17
3VG – Quo Vadis Lisbeth

We kindly ask the Best of Breed winners to send us their win pic to add to the show results.